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Integrate Your Marketing and Stop Alienating Hiring Managers

Cold calling is the lifeblood of business, but there’s cold and there’s arctic blast.

Although we provide recruitment finance, we also get a lot of cold calls from people working recruitment industry, which may be because we run a telesales department, which are infamous for having high churn rates.

Is Telesales Dead?

Short answer – No

It’s impossible to doubt the effectiveness of telesales when it is done properly. A targeted call to the right hiring manager at the right time can pay dividends, but what about the “touching-base” calls or the plain old cold call?

These are often annoying calls that are an interruption. It’s far better to harvest an email address from the hiring manager (or get it from the gatekeeper) and have an email automation sequence set up that enables you to track email opens. We use Hubspot CRM for this and it works really well, but we have used SharpSpring in the past, which was good at email automation, but lacks a call feature.

Use marketing tools to make your sales calls easier.

A good marketing system will allow you to cold-call prospects that have already interacted with your brand. We have a system where we only call prospects who have recently clicked-through to our website from a cold email. this is a great way to identify people who are already familiar with your brand.

What to do when you make the call

It’s important to have structure to your call. You must have an intent and a path to help you achieve the intent. Here are some helpful guidelines:

Be Prepared
Research your customer so that you know their business and understand how the right hire will fix their problems.

Be Different
Don’t sound like every other cold caller. Use your research and be a human not a script.

Needs Not Features
Talk about the customer’s needs – customers don’t want to know your USPs (unique selling points) because they are rarely unique

Get to the Point
Don’t be vague about why you are calling. If you are timidly hiding the reason for your call, you lose respect. Be respectful, but have authority

Talk to the Decision-Maker
Pitching to the gatekeeper is a waste of time. You may need to get past more than one before you start pitching.

Warm Up & Down
Calls should be both warmed up with an email and followed up with one. Use a tracking tool to monitor email opens and get alerts when your prospects interact with your communication

Get the Finance You Need to Deliver
It doesn’t matter how good your sales team are; you must deliver on promises. Get cashflow for any recruitment deal from Simply Factoring Brokers

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