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Specialist Invoice Factoring for the Freight Industry


We work with freight and haulage companies to secure invoice finance. 


Let us keep your cash flowing and your vehicles on the road


Fast invoice turnaround times and busy order books to keep freight moving around the UK, Europe and beyond.


A Freight Factoring company can help your business ride out the natural ups and downs of the freight industry by providing an effective solution to maintaining a steady stream of working capital. It can speed up the chain from order to invoice by releasing the equity tied up in an order book. Critically, this means that drivers can be paid, vehicles can be re-fuelled and the movement of goods throughout the UK and beyond can continue unhinged.


Fuel Card Agreements

Factoring for Freight can also come with the added advantage of being combined with a fuel card agreement, further reducing the withdrawal of working capital from the day-to-day running of the business operations. With fuel taking an increasingly larger percentage of operating costs, a Factoring arrangement, combined with a fuel card service, can release equity tied up in your invoices without the need to immediately release it to inflationary fuel costs. The vital cost of fuel can be budgeted and spread over the cost of the year, reducing its debilitating effect on your company.

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What are the benefits of Freight Factoring for my business?

It is a quick and effective method of releasing equity tied up in your invoices
It increases your cash flow and allows you to keep up with vital fuel expenses and operating costs
It allows you to out-source your credit control and ledger management, leaving you to focus on managing your business
The funding available to you will grow as your business grows
You can include fuel card services in your Factoring agreement, releasing cash flow from this critical day-to-day expenditure
You can add bad debtor protection to your funding facility, providing peace of mind and stability

How can Simply Factoring Brokers help?

Freight Factoring is increasingly popular as a flexible finance option for businesses looking to make the most of their assets. As such, the market is increasingly competitive with a myriad of options and packages to suit all businesses, irrespective of size or turnover.

Simply Factoring Brokers work with a range of specialist funders and can put you in touch with a range of Factoring services, specific to the freight industry. We will cut through the jargon and the ineffective products on offer to find the best value and best deal for your business. We will only put you in touch with an industry expert who understands the challenges of the freight industry and can support you fully, as you continue to grow your business.

Our funders include some of the UK’s leading names in Factoring services and will provide you with a credit facility to enable you to keep your business moving.

Simply Factoring Brokers can help you to source a conventional Factoring solution that includes a specialised fuel card service, allowing you to cover the cost of keeping your fleet operating, without the worry of financing the every day fuel costs.

For more information on Freight Factoring and how it can help keep your business moving, speak to our team of specialist brokers by giving us a call.

We make your business our business.

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