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Construction Factoring

Construction Factoring is a quick and easy way to ensure your business has working capital to complete projects.


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“Construction Factoring is a fast and efficient way of funding your business and we fund industries where other funders can’t”

If you suffer from long payment terms, delays because of applications for payment or contractual issues that delay your revenue, then construction factoring could be right for you.


Construction factoring can help to speed up this chain, enabling your construction firm, regardless of size, to maintain a fluid credit facility. This allows you to continue to work on projects and make plans for the future.

As a contractor or sub-contractor, working within the parameters of a JCT contract and the complexities they bring can be difficult. The aim of the JCT contract is to improve the quality and standards within the construction industry, providing a standard working practice for all involved in the process.

The reality can often be much more challenging with structured staged payments, ‘Applications for Payment’ needing to be made and retention clauses holding anything up to 5% of a contract’s worth until the project has reached Practical Completion, sometimes months or years from when sub-contract works were completed.

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What are the benefits of Construction Factoring for my business?


  • Construction factoring is a quick and effective method of releasing equity tied up in your invoices or ‘Applications for Payment’
  • Factoring increases your cash flow and allows you to keep up with vital materials and operating costs
  • Factoring allows you to outsource your credit control and ledger management, leaving you to focus on managing your business
  • Construction factoring is confidential to avoid ban on assignment clause issues.
  • Factoring companies can release funds ahead of Practical Completion on site, allowing you to move onto the next project without having to wait for funds to be released
  • Factoring can assist with invoicing complex JCT contracts, allowing you to divert resources where they are needed most
  • You can add bad debtor protection to your funding facility, providing peace of mind and stability

How can Simply Factoring Brokers help?


The clauses of a construction contract often make debts un-factorable. We understand that invoicing / application for payment, is not always a straightforward process. We introduce you to factoring companies who work with construction firms like yours.

Our funders specialise in arranging finance solutions in sensitive circumstances, where you may not wish your customers to know all of your financial arrangements. Our funders provide a confidential finance service.

For more information on Construction Factoring and how it can help you to build your business, speak to our team of specialist brokers by giving us a call or chat with a live representative.

We make your business our business.

If you would like to get know how factoring can help your business grow, call 0330 134 2826

Fund Your Business Today

Call for invoice factoring services  Call 0330 134 2826 to release funds tied up in your invoices

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