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Invoice Discounting Provides a Cheap Source of Finance

In these testing economic times, sourcing credit has become difficult as banks, building societies and other traditional creditors are increasingly reluctant to lend. So when you really need that cash, and quick, where do you turn?


What is invoice discounting?

This product offers a unique approach to increasing the cash flow in your business without having to turn to traditional sources of finance such as bank loans, which are not always attainable.

The facility allows you to sell an outstanding invoice to a factoring company who will release up to 90% of the value of an invoice within 24-hours of its issue date.

It is then your job to chase up the payment from your clients, which is paid into a dedicated account after it has been received. The finance company will then release the other 10% of the funds minus a small fee.

As an independent broker, we can find you a great deal. So rather than scrimping and scraping and making ends meet until an invoice is paid, you can focus on growing your business and keeping your process running smoothly.

We can also help if you are looking to improve upon your current invoice discounting deal.


What is confidential invoice discounting?

Confidential invoice discounting is no different apart from the fact that the process is completely confidential, ensuring your debtors are completely unaware that you are dealing with a discounting broker. Not only will you be assured of an effective solution to your cash flow problem, this will be achieved without your customers ever knowing you had any trouble in the first place.

If you’re looking to improve on a current deal, have an adverse credit rating or simply want to improve your cash flow, give us a call to speak to an independent broker today.


So how do you find a great discounting deal?

As an independent broker, we do all of that for you, quickly and expertly. Here’s how it works:

  • You give us a call
  • We discuss your circumstances
  • We’ll know whether we can help in five minutes
  • We scour the market on your behalf to find the very best deal
  • You then receive up to 90% of the value of an invoice the same day it is issued

Fund Your Business

Fund Your Business Today

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