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Confidential Invoice Discounting (CID) for your Business


At Simply Factoring Brokers, we understand that invoicing is not always a straightforward process and can put you in touch with Factoring companies who understand that you may wish to keep your funding preferences confidential.


Our funders specialise in arranging finance solutions in circumstances where you may not wish for your customers to know all of your invoicing arrangements and they can make sure that a confidential service is provided.

Confidential Invoice Discounting offers all of the benefits of Factoring and Invoice Discounting but in a discreet manner, allowing you to manage the credit processes with your customers in-house.

This solution is particularly effective in situations where a business has an existing and effective credit control resource but would like to speed up the turnaround times in between invoice and the release of equity tied up in it.

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Benefits of Confidential Invoice Discounting


  • A quick and effective method of releasing equity tied up in your invoices
  • Increases your cash flow and allows you to keep up with vital expenses and operating costs
  • Allows you to manage your own credit control processes with your customers
  • Your customers or suppliers will not know of your preferred funding methods as all communications will be handled in-house
  • You can add bad debtor protection to your funding facility, providing peace of mind

How can Simply Factoring Brokers help?


At Simply Factoring Brokers, we work with industry-leading suppliers of specialist Confidential Invoice Discounting solutions and can source the right product for you from a company that is trusted, reputable and experienced. We only work with funders that we know can perform for our clients and base our recommendations on a solid track record of finding successful solutions across a range of industries.

For more information on Confidential Invoice Discounting and how we can help you to grow your business, speak to our team of specialist brokers by giving us a call.


We make your business, our business.

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