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Large Business CID from Simply Factoring Brokers

Since the credit crunch there has been a gradual withdrawal of traditional funding streams from the corporate finance market. Big banks won’t lend and what they do lend is often insufficient to allow businesses to reach their full growth potential.

Whilst the argument of why continues to echo around the corridors of the Bank of England and throughout the City, the reality is that businesses – small, medium or large – are finding themselves increasingly frustrated by the constraints of the commercial financial services industry.

Bigger businesses of a turnover in excess of £10 million are often considered an even greater risk by asset finance companies than their smaller counterparts – high volume = high risk.

We don’t agree. Our view is that the larger the company, the more established its financial and administrative practices are and therefore the more likely they are to recoup their ledger effectively and efficiently.


How can Simply Factoring Brokers help?

Simply Factoring Brokers work with a number of specialised leading-edge financial solution providers that also see the potential in this under-serviced market and have a range of Confidential Invoice Discounting products aimed at narrowing the gap.

Businesses that operate in a prosperous B2B market can now access competitive finance solutions tailored to their business needs, irrespective of how successful or large their turnover is. We will work with your business to understand its financing needs and make a recommendation based on our extensive experience and knowledge of the CID market.

To find out more about our corporate services or to talk about options that may be suitable for your business, speak to our team of specialist brokers by giving us a call.


We make your business our business.

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