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Can Your Business Cope with the Unexpected?

When running a business of any size, few things are more integral to the success of your enterprise than cash flow. Having a steady flow of cash into your account ensures that there is money available as and when you need it. Independent factoring services help you to achieve exactly that, enabling business owners to keep things ticking along smoothly, ensuring that should you need it, the money is there to help you out of a sticky situation.

It’s no good having a folder full of outstanding invoices when you don’t have the money you need to pay your bills. Clients who take an eternity to pay their invoices sadly exist in every market sector; if only there was a method of releasing the cash from an invoice as soon as it is issued? Welcome to the world of invoice factoring.


How can our independent factoring services help?

  • It’s an easy way for companies with regular outgoings to keep a check on cash flow
  • You receive 80-90% of an invoice within 24hrs of when it was sent
  • We have access to more than 15 funding lines
  • As independent brokers we find you the very best deal based purely on the offer on the table
  • Our service is tailored to small and medium sized businesses
  • No hassle – after a five minute discussion we’ll tell you exactly how we can help!


Finding the right invoice factoring deal for you

Our experienced brokers here at Simply Factoring have connections with the leading UK factoring firms. This ensures we find a fantastic deal on your behalf which releases anywhere from 80-90% of the cash tied up in an invoice.

As an independent factoring services brokerage, we select the best invoice factoring deal for you based purely on the deal on the table, and we do so quickly. So rather than wasting your time phoning around various firms to find the best deal, call Simply Factoring, and we’ll do the hard work for you. What’s more, with our connections in the industry we’ll receive a preferential deal, ensuring you receive the very best factoring rates.

If you’re a business of any size struggling with cash flow, or maybe you’re suffering with adverse credit, our independent factoring services can help. Give our team of brokers a call today.

Fund Your Business

Fund Your Business Today

Call for invoice factoring services  Call 0330 134 2826 to release funds tied up in your invoices

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