Candidates offer crazy excuses, but this is the best response we’ve seen!

The team at The Highfield Company (a specialist recruitment agency based in Southampton) created this brilliant parody of the Adele’s ‘Someone like you’. I think a lot of recruiters can relate to it. 

Feel free to add your best (and worst) experience with candidates in the comments below and give The Highfield Co. a shout out on Twitter if you liked their take on Adele’s hit @TheHighfieldCo.

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Mark Francis

Head of Commercial Finance at Simply Factoring Brokers
Mark has been in the banking industry for 34 years and has an extensive knowledge of the finance sector. He has held various roles within Barclays across business, retail and project delivery and currently heads up commercial finance in the Newport team at Simply Factoring Brokers.
What's the craziest excuse a candidate gave you?
Article Name
What's the craziest excuse a candidate gave you?
Watch a recruitment company's video parody of Adele's "someone like you". A hilarious take on the relationship between a recruiter and their candidate.
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Simply Factoring Brokers Ltd
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