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Invoice Discounting vs. Factoring

Asset Finance Helps Your Business Grow

For organisations of any size, one of the most difficult aspects of growing your business is being able to afford to pay outright for the assets you need to take your business to the next level.

Asset finance is an excellent way of reducing the burden on your cash flow, particularly if you suffer from adverse credit, leaving your business with the money it needs to operate day-to-day. It is integral to your business’ survival to be able to steal a march on the competition by investing in the assets you need to compete in the marketplace, whether it’s machinery, vehicles, computer equipment, plant machinery or office space.

The service of an asset finance broker allows you to spread the payments for these essentials over the course of a set period of time.

An Independent Asset Finance Broker

When you’re running a small or medium sized business you barely have time to think, let alone ring around dozens of asset finance companies to find the best deal. As an independent asset finance broker we do all the hard work for you. The reputation we have built up over the years ensures that the deals we can unearth are better than those you will be offered if you approach an asset finance provider independently.

Give Simply Factoring Brokers a call and within five minutes we’ll be able to let you know whether or not we can help. We are an asset finance broker that tailors deals to suit your specific circumstances – perfect for businesses with tight resources.

We can also broker asset finance deals for businesses with a chequered credit history that other asset finance companies have turned down.


For a great deal from a truly independent asset finance broker, save yourself time and money by calling Simply Factoring Brokers on the number above.

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