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As most of you will know reading this Blog we are one of the leading Factoring Brokers in the industry for Invoice Finance. Over the last 5 years we are successfully placing more and more customers each year. In this blog we are going to go over our last financial years numbers and talk about our plans moving forward.

Since we started SFB in 2010 we have gone from an unknown entity to a well known broker throughout the Invoice Finance industry (we would like to think so anyway :-). In that time we have built our reputation on being honest and trustworthy to both our clients and our funders.

It’s no secret to many of our funders that we have plans in place to secure between 60-100 clients in the next 12 months. The steady growth over the last 4 years is showing us that our services are becoming more and more popular among businesses looking to secure their financial future.

The Numbers

Last year we managed to place 39 clients with our funders between July 2013 until June 2014, an increase by 56% on the previous year with only 25 clients being placed.

Every time we get a new enquiry from a customer we always get 3 quotes from our panel of funders whether we are up against competition or not. If the customer then chooses to take a facility with one of our funders we will record the savings from our most competitive quote to the next cheapest facility, so the 39 clients we placed last year we managed to save them £169,851.36 in total giving the average customer a saving of £4,354.24.

In terms of business levels as you can see above we have had a record breaking year last year, both in deals number and overall turnover across the board from all of our customers. Last year we passed just short of £60 million in factorable turnover across the board to various funders, an increase by 106% on the previous year.

Our Plans

As we have already mentioned our plans moving forward are to place between 60 – 100 deals in the next 12 months and with our website climbing the monster that is Google for most major search terms related to Factoring plus Our Google Adwords getting better quality scores and higher places these 2 factors alone should increase our lead generation. In addition to the above our telesales person has been hear 8 months now and is getting to know the product and more confident on the phone and he is starting to close a number of his own deals. We also have a new telesales guy starting in the next month, plus a number of other plans which will also increase our lead generation. With our plans we are confident in our ability to deliver on the number we are predicting.

I hope you have found this Blog interesting to read and also this gives you a little insight into where we are and where we want to be. If there is anything you think we can help with please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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