Simply Factoring Brokers Referral Programme

Introduce Business To Simply Factoring Brokers

Some of you reading this will not know us, but this offer is open to everyone. To give you a brief synopsis we Simply Factoring Brokers Referral Programme are a finance brokerage who specialises in placing invoice factoring funders with invoice finance companies. i.e. invoice finance, factoring, invoice discounting etc. Now we are offering you the chance to get involved with the simply factoring brokers referral programme.

As a business we are one of the leading brokers who place this kind of finance business. As we grow and expand we are always looking to partner up with new introducers and potentially bring in new people into the fold, and that’s what this Blog is about.

Simply Factoring Brokers Referral Programme

We are looking to grow both our introducer panel and potential new employees or new routes to market. To give you some indications of potential income please see an example below which will show you your potential earnings.

For arguments sake let’s just say you passed 5 deals a year with an average TO of £1 million, with the average customer staying in invoice finance for 3 years we will show you examples based on the above;

Monthly Income Per Client (on average) £101.50
Annual Income £1,218
Annual Monthly Lifetime Earnings £3,654
Initial Income Per Client £1,225
Total Client Value £4,879

If you times the above by 5 and calculate your rough earning after your first 3 years that would give you a total earning over 3 years of £54,915 and a monthly income of £1,522.50 + VAT ongoing. I do want to clarify the above is an example based on the above terms and a 70-30 split between us and you. Your earning could be more or less subject to deal numbers.

As you can tell from the above we are in a very strong position with our funders and we are able to reward those people who pass us volume work, or worked for us (any applicants will be subject to an interview and trial period).

In addition to the above we are also very competitively priced and often we save our clients money if they are looking at other providers or if they are looking to move from their current funder. So in our line of work everyone wins, our customer secures a well priced facility which they wouldn’t have got any cheaper by going direct. The funder secures a new client and we secure future income and sustainability for the business.

If you are reading the above and you are in-between funders and looking for the right opportunity or you are having trouble getting back into the market. Or anything in-between then get in touch with us and let’s talk about your future with Simply Factoring Brokers.

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