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As a leading invoice finance brokerage, we offer a range of invoice factoring facilities, supply chain finance, selective factoring and invoice discounting from funders, hand-picked to suit your needs.

24-hours-invoice-factoringGet Paid on Your Invoices within 24 Hours

No more problems with slow payers!

UK-wide commercial financeGet Commercial Finance Anywhere in the UK.

Completely Confidential Service Available. Our funders offer white-label credit control / accounts receivable service if you don’t want to chase your owed payments.

Outsource Your Sales LedgerChoose How You Manage Credit Control

Let Your Funder Manage Your Sales Ledger or Keep everything in-house and still get paid quickly, the choice is yours!

Protect your business from bad payersProtect Your Business

Remove the risk of Bad Debt by Using Invoice Factoring with Bad Debt Protection

Fund Your Business

Speed up your cash-flow today. Forget issues caused by slow-paying customers

Fund Your Business

Invoice Factoring

Release up to 90% of Invoices within 24 Hours of Raising. Invoice Factoring is a low cost and quick route to liquidity and cashflow.

All-In-One Fee

Is your turnover less than £300k? If so, you qualify for a flat fee. Funders offer businesses like yours a simple product, contact us now.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance is perfect for large projects. We ensure your suppliers get paid quickly to keep work on track for deadlines. Read more

Recruitment/Payroll Finance

Pay candidates on time every time. Payroll finance pays your candidates and you get your margin within 24 hours. Read more

Construction Factoring / Finance

Don’t let your projects fall behind. Factor your invoices / applications and get paid in under 24 hours. Factoring is the end to your cashflow worries. Read more

Haulage Factoring / Finance

Make sure your people are paid on-time for every job. Take on more work and no longer wait for slow payers to settle outstanding invoices.

Just Some of the Invoice Factoring Funders we Work With…

 selected funder logos


Contact Us to Talk About Invoice Factoring


Give us a call with no obligation. We are always available to offer advice, even when factoring is not suitable for your business. Call for a friendly chat and let us talk you through the process.
Call us to tell us about your business


Let us know how your business operates. Tell us how your invoicing system works and what kind of paper trail you have between your sales ledger and customers.
Call us to tell us about your business


We’ll use your information to secure funding from the most suitable lenders. We work with low-cost lenders that are often much cheaper than high-street banks.

Benefits of Invoice Factoring

fast business finance

Access to Cash Fast

Access cashflow for your business as soon as your invoices are raised.

Cashflow without Debt

Cashflow without Debt

No need to worry about debt. Only release funds that are owed to you by your customers!

Flexible Invoice Finance Terms

Flexible Terms

Release as much or as little of your sales ledger as your business needs.

Need Improved Cashflow?

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